Ergis Load Stability Academy (ELSA)

Created in 2014, the Ergis Load Stability Academy (ELSA) is equipped with special measuring devices which check whether the goods on pallets are properly arranged and packed. These sensors verify the forces that hold the load. Based on the test results, the risk of damage to the cargo during transit is eliminated. For this purpose, special ramps are used to simulate rapid braking of a vehicle carrying a load secured with nanoERGIS® stretch film. The test pallets are wrapped by a programmable wrapper, Robopac Cube.

Ergis Load Stability Academy (ELSA) – the only such place in Poland

Tests carried out at the Ergis Load Stability Academy (ELSA) enable selection of the optimum film thickness for specific loads (one would be suitable for paving blocks, while another for water bottles) and film tension to optimise the holding forces. Thanks to the individual selection criteria, our customers can be confident that their cargo will be safe in transit and no losses will occur. Customised selection of films and tension optimisation give our customers measurable savings on the amount of film consumed and the time necessary to prepare shipments for transport. All testing is carried out in accordance with the European standard EUMOS 40509.

Employees of the Ergis Load Stability Academy (ELSA) help our Customers choose the best solution in each case and carry out optimisation tests on their premises.

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